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Sony's E3 media breifing invite pretty much nails down Nintendo's E3 media briefing location, time

Nintendo is yet to give out the final details on their media briefing at E3. We’ve had little tidbits of information come out, thanks to Nintendo’s WarioWare D.I.Y. contest details, but no official announcement. Believe it or not, it looks like the first source to give us that information is Sony. Below, you’ll find a statement from within the Sony E3 media briefing invite that details transportation to their own event.

Shuttle Transportation To/From SCEA Press Event
Shuttles are being provided from the Nokia Plaza area at the end of the Nintendo Press Conference around 10:15AM.

Well, knowing what we know about Sony’s event, it looks like Nintendo’s presser will take place on the 15th, before 10:15 AM PST. Now we all have a day and rough time schedule to mark down in advance! Thanks to Christian for the heads up!

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