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IGN says off the record devs say 3DS features abilities 'close to 360/PS3', does not feature Tegra chip

Several developers that have experienced 3DS in its current form have reported, off the record, that it has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. According to several developer sources, the 3DS device is not using the NVIDIA Tegra mobile chipset, a rumor that’s been floating around since 2009. - IGN

If that’s the type of power we’re talking about in the 3DS, that means that sucker is going to be a beast! It may need all that horsepower to render each image twice for the 3D aspects, but then again, maybe there are some other secrets at play. E3 cannot get here soon enough!

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