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Hey everyone! It’s Deux here working hard with all your help to bring you the most E3 news I can. I just want to take a moment to say that I just got off the phone with RMC and he is having a blast! He said, and I quote, that when I “play the 3DS, I am going to crap myself.” Yep, he is a class act!

Anyway, he wanted me to tell you all that the 3DS is amazing and he can’t wait to post his impressions up later tonight. He also wanted me to relay the message that he talked to Nintendo’s J.C. Rodrigo and the official statement is that all the classic Nintendo games currently being demoed on the 3DS are not announced yet. They are just tech demos that show how the 3DS can make classic games 3D very easily and there is no guarantee that these games are going to be available for the 3DS. Kind of a downer, but RMC was in high spirits and I think that the amazing reaction that is being received from the fans may speak loud enough to be heard by Nintendo.

I’ll keep you up to date with more info as I speak with RMC more in the future.

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