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NIBRIS recently announced a Revolution title they are working on entitled Sadness. Piotr Ortowiski from NIBRIS talked to AMN and gave them some new details on just what Sadness will bring to the Revolution.

“All I can say now is that it [Sadness] is going to be a gothic horror which will scare not with the amount of blood but sheer atmosphere. Imagine a game in which you do not use guns or knives but you will have to protect yourself with the objects you find exploring the ground – a stone, a stick, etc.”

“Some examples of using the controller – you swing a torch with it to scare the rats off, you slit the throat (controller as a piece of glass of a knife); if you want to climb the wall you will have to hook a rope over the piece of a wall sticking out (controller serving as a lasso). And this is only the beginning. The game will be for single player and single player only. For an adult player with strong nerves. Let me mention that the scenario will have associations with narcolepsy, nyctophobia and paranoid schizophrenia. The scenario will surprise you.”

Sounds like NIBRIS is really into getting the most out of the Revolution controller. I really hope that the smaller development houses like NIBRIS and Crossbeam Studios get the attention and support they need to bring their titles to the Revolution.


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