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GoldenEye - more details (and a surprising DJ Hero 2 tie-in)

- Five Wiimote (pointer) presets, one custom
- select one or go to advanced options for dead zone, turning speed and more
- Barcelona Dance Club level features Deadmau5 & Kaskade – “I Remember”, directly from DJ Hero 2 (special collab)
- Big reveal on main theme for the OST soon
- New “beginners” control mode: Wiimote, Nunchuk, but no pointer. Auto-aiming and hold A for side stepping.
- Every user chooses control method in multiplayer, then you customize everything (buttons layout, etc).
- Cannot change advanced pointer features (dead zone, etc), which comes from single mode config
- Wiimote pointer control scheme standard inputs: C for crouch, A for run, - for reload, + for grenades (or Oddjob hat), Z for precise aiming, 1 for pause menu and 2 for multiplayer status, D pad for weapon change, smartphone. Nunchuk shake for melee/stealth moves
- ‘classic’ difficulty mode with the classic health bar and no auto-healing


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