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Super Guide feature returns for Donkey Kong Country Returns

Coming from IGN’s preview…

There’s one last feature up Retro’s sleeve and that’s the Super Guide. Essentially the “win” button, if you die eight times in a level your friendly checkpoint pig will pop up and suggest using this function. Designed for levels that are really, really, ridiculously hard for you to conquer, the Super Guide will have Super Kong, a white version of Donkey Kong, play through the level for you. The catch is that none of the bananas, banana coins, puzzle pieces or KONG letters will be added to your collection. You don’t just have to watch though — once Super Kong passes the area you’ve been having problems with you can jump in and play as him to finish off the level.

There’s a little secret that Nintendo and Retro kept under their hat until late in the game. I would have never expected the Super Guide to return for this title, but the implementation seems to make perfect sense. Thanks to Austin for the heads up!


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