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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Another example of Nintendo's excellent customer service

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Not the way I wanted a Tuesday night to end! I’m up a little bit later than I wanted to be, thanks to some internet issues. Oh well, at least I got things back up to speed. I’m going to crash now, so I’ll see you in a few, short hours!

Reader Mike sent in a fantastic email the other day. It was all about his experience with Nintendo’s customer service. You know that we often discuss how great Nintendo is when dealing with hardware/software issues, and this is another fine example. Mike wanted me to share his kind words with Nintendo, so I thought I’d make his email and ‘End of Day’ post. Take it away, Mike!

One of my Motion Plus units was acting up. First, the pointer wouldn’t work when a Motion Plus was connected to a Wii remote with a nunchuck. Then, the pointer started working again, but the nunchuck wouldn’t work if the Motion Plus was connected.

So I contacted Nintendo and told them about the problem. Unfortunately, I purchased the Motion Plus more than 90 days ago, which would normally be outside the warranty for the device. And Nintendo normally doesn’t bother to repair Motion Plus units because they’re so cheap to manufacture that it’s not worth repairing. However, I told the Nintendo representative that I owned 4 of these things, and he said, “Since you own so many of them, we’re going to waive the warranty period and replace yours.”

Nintendo paid for my shipping and everything. Nintendo received my broken Motion Plus on Friday, and today I just got a brand new one. So that’s a turnaround time of only one weekend. Very fast. I didn’t have to pay a dime to replace my Motion Plus either.


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