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A couple story notes

As I was out a couple tidbits popped up that I wanted to make mention of. Not things that needed to have a story of their own but important enough to lump together and make mention of. First off, there is a news story going around that Battalion Wars II will have online play. I am not too sure why this is just popping up now. We learned this back when the game was announced at Leipzig. No biggie, still something to be excited about!

Second, a certain site has broken their NDA and talked about a bit of EA news. This is being lumped in with a bit of news concerning a mic for the Wii. We already knew that a microphone was heading to the Wii via High School Musical (which has one packed in). The second part is a major break of NDA. Everyone that was with me at the EA event signed the NDA as well, and we can’t talk about this game. I won’t be posting on it, or discussing it in any way. PLEASE keep from commenting about the site in question, or the news if you have heard it. We don’t want to get in any trouble with EA, which we had the pleasure of building some great relationships with during the week.

Thanks to everyone for your help, it is ALWAYS appreciated. I hope that clears up some stuff for you!

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