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Team Ninja has no issue with 3DS battery life, trash-talks Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

The following comments are from Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi…

- “For the battery stuff, basically, 3D viewing for a long time would be kind of tiring for your eyes, that’s why for the hardcore gamer we can switch the 3D depth slider to off.”
- “Without 3D viewing we can run the game at 60fps, which the hardcore gamer can enjoy.”
- “People can choose - that’s why we’re providing the option. People can play either way.”
- “3D viewing is very interesting and more appealing.”
- ” (Street Fighter is) originally and now a 2D fighting game. But, for us, Dead or Alive is a 3D fighting game - so [Capcom has] a limitation with Street Fighter. As a 3D fighting game we have a lot of possibility, and it is natural to convey it to 3DS.”
- “[Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition] has a figurine battle. We are in the fighting game genre, and they’re not fighting!”
- ” (the game) remembers the habit and customs of the person playing - we’re going to fight with avatars which remember the action habit of the players.”


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