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THQ discusses the over-the-top nature of WWE All Stars

A portion of a MeGamers interview with THQ’s Mike McTyre…

MG: Now the gameplay in WWE:Allstars is different from past wrestling games in that the gameplay is of course very over the top and exaggerated. What kind of decision process was involved in choosing to make a game that is so different from previous ones?

MM: When the team first started on the project, it wasn’t so crystal-clear to us. It took a lot of discussion and debate to get to the product that we have today. We wanted to make something different, something unique that would stand out on its own, and in doing so we really had to look at how wrestling games have changed throughout the ages to find the parts we liked. We also looked at fighting games to pick out elements of the gameplay that we liked, and then blending the two into what you see today.

Full interview here

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