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Level-5's NA studio working on their own games, most likely DLC, surprise announcement, 20 titles in the works

The following comments come from Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino…

“We have five staff members at present. Titles that are being planned in the North American office are being developed in that region. The office staff is mostly Japanese, but we’re using a style of development where we collaborate with local staff, so I believe we’ll be able to make something that matches the North American market well.”

- specific title announcements coming at this year’s Level-5 Vision
- event will most likely be held in August
- 20 titles to talk about
- may be surprise announcement that reaches outside the game industry
- Hino showed interest in downloadable titles, falling into the iPhone and other smartphones, and home game consoles range

Hino also discussed moving into the Asian market and China…

“I’d rather worry about creating interesting things, and in all honesty don’t have a desire to tackle a market that has many difficulties. Because of this, I believe we can get results by focusing on the markets that we’re looking at now, Japan, North America, Europe and so-forth.”

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