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CVG talks about 3DS 'wi-fi messaging', and I'm completely boggled

First off, let’s see what CVG had to say in their 3DS feature…

What’s the ‘friend list’?

It shows any friend (yes) with whom you’ve exchanged your friend code. This can be done locally with a button press (which takes a second) or by typing in codes you’ve swapped elsewhere. When mates play online you’ll see their Mii playing a tiny 3DS (this won’t work for old DS games). You’ll also be able to use Wi-Fi messaging.

And what is Wi-Fi messaging?

Sad news: PictoChat is dead. Good news: it’s been replaced with a true online chat forum. Messaging gives you the same doodling/writing capabilities as those in PictoChat, only this time you communicate with online friends. Now you’ll be able to tell your mates exactly what you thought of that Mario Kart blue shell on the finish line.

Ummm…if this is a feature on the 3DS, it’s not widely publicized and it’s not going to be available until another update rolls around. I just double-checked my 3DS, and unless I’m missing something, there’s nothing like this in the system. Me thinks that CVG is wrong, or they let some info slip. Thanks to Hyawatta for the heads up!


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