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High Voltage - Conduit 2 can compete with GoldenEye, Black Ops multiplayer

I think there’s a lot that set us apart from Call Of Duty and GoldenEye for that matter. I think they’re both good games. I think we’re definitely competitive with both of them, aesthetically and visually. What sets us apart from Black Ops is that we’re exclusive to the Wii and take advantage of the hardware. GoldenEye, I think our multiplayer is definitely far more robust and that’s what we set out to accomplish. We offer a lot of modes. I think they did a good job with the split-screen stuff. We offer split-screen as well. We also offer a horde mode like a Gears Of War kind of thing. We have an experience which allows you to collect credits and then apply them to your character, you can customise your character, there’s a perks system… It’s a very robust multiplayer system with a lot of modes and a lot of different ways you can play. I think it’s competitive with a lot of players are used to on PC, PS3 and 360. I think GoldenEye and Black Ops did a fair job but in those areas I think we’re best. I certainly think that the type of setting and the type of weaponry is very different. We have fantastic things that very different from GoldenEye or Black Ops. Obviously they don’t have aliens and things like that but the types of weapons that we have make it more interesting to us. - High Voltage’s Eric Nofsinger

Mr. Nofsinger also talked about High Voltage’s work on 3DS…

We are doing 3DS development. One of the first things we’re doing is pulling over all our Quantum 3 development that we built for the Wii over to the 3DS and it’s surprising how well it runs and how much we are able to display. The system is quite capable and it’s a lot more than a just a DS.

That’s just a few small snippets of what Mr. Nofsinger had to say. Check out his full comments in the full interview here

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