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Man behind CNN's video review of the 3DS speaks out, tries to explain himself

JP Mangalindan is the man that reviewed the 3DS for CNN Money, and he’s finally spoken up about his review. This response was sent out to a viewer that emailed Mr. Mangalindan to detail the inaccuracies in his review.

Here’s the thing that I suppose is getting overlooked: that video and text review was actually for Fortune Magazine, very much a non-gaming publication, one which appeals to a slightly older enterprise business audience, one much more familiar with Apple and Android devices, which was why the approach we used was very, very broad. I certainly played Halo end of high school/beginning of college, but I also played a bunch of the games growing up: Pole Position, Star Fox, Icarus, Metroid, Doom, nearly all the Final Fantasy games, etc., etc. I’ve owned nearly (but not all) every home and handheld gaming console the Super Nintendo, including the Nintendo DS, DSI, and DS XL. As for the Apple products comparison, one which some argue is unfair, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aimes mentioned to Forbes Magazine last year he felt the biggest threat to his company wasn’t Sega or Sony but actually Apple, which was why I felt the comparison was appropriate.

Long story short, JP Mangalindan felt it was okay to use incorrect information and numerous Apple references because the Fortune Magazine readers are older. Makes perfect sense to me!


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