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Sony sticks up for 3D gaming

“Firstly, this is much less of a problem than many people imagine. For example, just wearing a pair of reading glasses will cause a much larger decoupling of your focus/convergence than a typical stereoscopic image will generate. Even so, in many stereoscopic images, the subject is placed close to the plane of the screen which makes the image as comfortable to view as a 2D image. We always ensure that the separation of focus and convergence in our games is set within a comfortable range. Everybody’s eyes will have differing abilities to focus, converge and perceive 3D, in a similar way that people have differing abilities to see 2D images. It does not necessarily mean that people can’t see 3D, but perhaps that their 3D vision is not as good as others’. In our experience, we rarely come across anyone who cannot perceive 3D.” - Mick Hocking, head of Sony’s internal 3D development

Awhile back, Sony wanted to work with Nintendo to voice the benefits of 3D and lay any fears to rest. Nintendo never took Sony up on that offer, but Sony pushes ahead with the idea. Let’s hope the Big N decides to back them.


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