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Random Time! - ClearOptix Gaming Glasses for 3DS will 'alleviate negative effects of prolonged 3D use'


ClearOptix Gaming Glasses feature Tri-Acetate Cellulose amber lenses specifically designed to increase visual accuracy and enhance visual performance, improving contrast and sharpness in the users vision while alleviating the negative effects brought on by prolonged use of the 3D feature on the Nintendo 3DS.

ClearOptix Gaming Glasses coming in two fashionable styles: Aviator and Wayfarer. Both styles come in Large and Small sizes. ClearOptix is an affordable alternative to high priced gaming glasses currently on the market. All styles feature hard coat scratch resistant 1.0 mm TAC amber lenses and durable lightweight frames perfect for extended gaming sessions.

Technical specifications

Reduces eye strain and fatigue from gaming
Increases accuracy and enhances visual performance
Rugged hard coat scratch resistance
Provides 100% UV protection up to 400nM
Provides 100% UVB protection from 280nM to 315nM
Provides 100% UVC protection from 10nM to 280nM
Tri-Acetate Cellulose polarizing amber lenses are efficient at polarizing up to 99%
Stable in all weather conditions
Absorbs moisture effectively while material remains consistent unlike CAB lenses
Superior lamination quality over CAB lenses
Low haze value of 0.4% (results from Nippon Haze meter)


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