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Project Cafe/3DS rumors - Rareware talk, Retro Studios work, Metroid brand and much more

- Retro Studios is not working on Eternal darkness 2 or Zelda
- Rareware and Nintendo have have had discussions of working on the 3DS
- the idea of working on a revamp of StarFox Adventures was discussed, but seems to have been shelved
- Banjo-Kazooie on 3DS is not out of the question
- much like Viva Pinata on DS, Microsoft thinks that brand extensions on DS could help them sell games on 360
- multiple third parties are working on ports of 360/PS3 games for Project Cafe, with one third party in particular porting a bunch of content
- Nintendo may consider letting the Metroid series cool for awhile after support for the franchise seems to be waning
- Nintendo thinks the Earthbound series makes more sense on portables, but that doesn’t confirm anything in the works
- system is once again, more powerful than 360/PS3

Thanks to all this that sent this in!


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