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Iwata - Dance games are growing Wii popularity in the states

“…the number of the consumers enjoying Wii is steadily growing in the U.S. I think one reason is the impact of the hit of the dancing games which have not caused a movement in Japan yet, and another reason is that the consumers in the U.S. do not stop playing games easily, and they tend to search proactively for the next game to play. In Japan, 56 Wii software titles were released in fiscal year 2010, but the number was 245 for the U.S., which clearly shows the big difference in the situation. We cannot simply compare the two markets by the number of software titles released, but from the perspective of whether we are answering the various trends of Wii users, there might be some causal relationship.” - Satoru Iwata

There’s no doubt that dance games are playing their part in pushing the Wii forward, but the system isn’t reaching the heights it hit years ago. I’m not sure it can be expected to reach those levels again, but Nintendo definitely wants the platform to do better.


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