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Nintendo 'enhancing' 3DS network services, free ExciteBike 3D Classic at eShop launch, more VC games coming

Through the system update scheduled for around the end of May, we will be enhancing the network services, including Nintendo eShop and Internet Browser. Since Nintendo eShop will work as the basis of various network services, we will be able to propose new services to users through “SpotPass.” However, for the system update, we need to have consumers voluntarily go online with their Nintendo 3DS. We are planning to do some promotional activities in order to urge them to do so. More specifically, we will give a free download of “ExciteBike” as one of the “3D Classics” series during a certain period of time after the beginning of the system update. We would like to announce this widely and have as many people as possible update their hardware and start using Nintendo eShop. Concerning the Virtual Console software, we will begin with GameBoy and GameBoy Color software, and continue with this until we gradually realize the Virtual Console software for the other platforms.” - Satoru Iwata

Looks like the information from earlier today was spot-on, but we don’t have the details on region-specific thinking. Hopefully we’ll get that information soon with May sneaking up on us quite quickly.


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