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Movie producer - 'Hell yeah, games are definitely an art form', Hollywood doesn't understand games

“Hell, yeah!! Games are definitely an art form. So much passion goes into games, both from players and from people who make them. Hollywood is seriously looking at games but has a hard time understanding the business. I don’t think games threaten Hollywood; in my experience gamers are usually uber-consumers when it comes to movies, too. Gamers are totally engulfed in whatever they like; they spot a turkey movie like they spot a turkey game. They’re picky customers. Having worked in both mediums, they are very different but both satisfying in different ways. Why pick one over the other?” - Conan the Barbarian movie producer Fredrik Malmberg

This is just one small part of an interview with Mr. Malmberg. He has a lot more to say about games and films, which you can see here

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