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D3Publisher's BEN 10 Galactic Racing to Hit Shelves Fall 2011


LOS ANGELES – May 26, 2011 – D3Publisher and Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE) have announced BEN 10 Galactic Racing, the first and only racing game based on the popular BEN 10 television series. BEN 10 Galactic Racing allows fans to enjoy a BEN 10 multiplayer experience like never before! Friends will compete to become champion of the Galactic Grand Prix, as Ben, Kevin or 13 alien heroes in an over-the-top, high-speed race through insane tracks on five different planets. The latest video game in the global, multi-million unit selling BEN 10 interactive franchise, BEN 10 Galactic Racing will release on the Nintendo DS™ system, Wii™, Xbox 360® game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and in a BEN 10 franchise first, the Nintendo 3DS™ system.


“Working on the BEN 10 franchise has always provided an expansive world of creative possibilities and we look forward to delivering new game innovations for the millions of fans across the globe,” said Peter Andrew, vice president of production, D3P. “With BEN 10 Galactic Racing, players can look forward to immersing themselves in a brand new BEN 10 experience that will offer hours of racing fun to be played with friends and family.”


The game offers 25 exhilarating and challenging Grand Prix tracks, spread across five different planets from the BEN 10 universe. Play as one of 15 fan-favorite BEN 10 characters. Players race through every corner of the re-imagined BEN 10 universe and will have the option to race with up to three players in 30 karts.

“BEN 10 Galactic Racing puts an exciting new twist on the Ben 10 gaming experience by introducing an entirely new and engaging way for fans to interact with their favorite aliens,” said Pete Yoder, vice president, U.S. consumer products, Cartoon Network Enterprises. “This latest release in our successful global interactive franchise is a great game with which to make the Ben 10 franchise’s Nintendo 3DS debut.”

BEN 10 Galactic Racing presents the ultimate racing experience! While Ben makes use of his Ultimatrix to transform into his alien forms mid-race, every other character utilizes their unique special abilities, based on powers straight out of the television series, to affect the outcome of each race. All characters can pick up special Omni-Node Power-Ups with varying alien-based abilities, including an Ultimate move that unleashes a super-charged, race-changing boost of speed and power that is themed to that character’s abilities. Players will race with or against friends in any of the various game modes. They can also win trophies in each of the Galactic Grand Prix circuits, or they can race their favorite tracks in an attempt to set record-breaking times in Time Trials mode.

A new alien, Fasttrack, makes his video game debut on every platform and the Nintendo DS game exclusively includes the awesome alien hero Diamondhead.

BEN 10 Galactic Racing for Nintendo DS is under development by Straight Right. All other versions are being developed by Monkey Bar Games. BEN 10 Galactic Racing is currently rated “RP” (“Rating Pending”) by the ESRB.

For more information on BEN 10 Galactic Racing including game features and screenshots in the coming months, please visit: www.d3publisher.us.

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