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Nielsen survey shows sizable interest in Project Cafe, as far as purchase intent/info expectations go


- 27 percent of interviewed gamers would be interested in buying Nintendo’s next console within 6 months of its release
- as for new consoles from the competition, Microsoft (25 percent) and Sony (24 percent) should they be released in the next two years
- 18 percent of gamers were interested in purchasing a follow-up to the recently released Nintendo 3DS
- 13 percent were interested in Next Generation Portable
- interest in Project Cafe was lower in gamers that own both a Wii and another major console
- for those that own a Wii and an Xbox 360, 46 percent expressed interest in buying the next Microsoft system
- this was compared to only 37 percent who want Nintendo’s next console
- for those that own a Wii and PS3, 44 percent are interested in a new Sony system compared to 40 percent want the Wii successor
- 47 percent of gamers expecting Nintendo’s new console to launch in the next two years
- 40 percent expect a new Microsoft console in that time frame
- 37 percent expect a new home system from Sony
- 22 percent of over 131,000 tracked online messages about the show centered on Project Cafe
- 4 percent of messages measured last year involved Microsoft’s Kinect


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