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Nintendo on 3DS eShop - infinite ways to display content, wallet restrictions explained

“I can’t emphasize this enough: there are so many different ways to show the content — essentially almost infinite in ways that we can think of. Any game you’ve played for over an hour is elligible to be rated. You actually have to have played a game to rate it. It’s a novel idea, don’t you think?” - Nintendo of America’s David Wharton

Mr. Wharton also went into more detail on the eWallet restrictions that Nintendo has put in place…

“It’s essentially risk management. If you’ve got $200 in your wallet, there is plenty of content out there so why don’t you go buy some of that? If you’ve added $1,000 this month, maybe you should go play some of those games you’ve bought. It’s not a rock-solid security model, but if it winds up being a problem where people are desperate to spend $24,000 a year with us, we’ll probably find a way to accommodate them.”


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