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Title: Team Umizoomi
Release Date: November 2011
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: RP
Developer: Black Lantern
Publisher: 2K Play




They’re mini, they’re mighty, and they’re built for math! Now YOU can join Team Umizoomi, and go on a mighty math adventure! Take a ride in the Umicar with Milli, Geo and Bot to help them rescue seahorses, build a submarine, or repair a rocket so it can blast off! With you on their team, Team Umizoomi can do anything!




· Team up with the Umiz as they use their mighty math powers to drive a bulldozer, navigate a maze, tackle an obstacle course or play the crazy claw game.
30 exciting games combine action-adventure play with Pre-K and Kindergarten math curriculum:
• Identification, Counting, Sorting, Matching, Sequencing
• Addition, Subtraction, Division (Equal groups)
• Measurement and Comparison
• Shapes

· Kid-tested, parent-approved games designed in collaboration with education experts for maximum learning and repeat play value.

· Game difficulty adjusts automatically, creating a custom learning and play experience for kids.
New Nickelodeon Property:

· Generates an average of 18.7MM viewers monthly*.

· Ratings increased in season 2 over season 1.

· 20 new episodes and 5 new specials for 2011.

· Appeals equally to boys and girls.

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