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Iwata Asks - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D : Part 2 (tons of details)

- the pond owner character was redone 3 different times before the version we see in the game
- characters were designed to make sure players would remember the shape first and face second, since a familiar race shape would be easy to pick out
- Aonuma was quite shocked with the Great Fairy design when he first saw it
- the Great Fairies were designed to surprise people instead of giving them what they would expect from a fairy
- boss/enemy design starts with enemy specs from Aonuma-san and then the designs and functions are considered fromthere. Then, once the specs have come together, it is moved over to Morita-san at SRD to do the animation
- Aonuma used to do enemy design sketches himself, but when Takizawa-san saw a sketch he had drawn, he said “Aonuma-san, could you please stop drawing your own sketches?”
- Iwata says that the way a StarFox Arwing moves as it flies is exactly the same programming as Volvagia’s movements
- the idea for fishing came up during the development of the Water Temple’s boss
- during the development of that boss, a fish was put into the final boss room pond just to see it swim around
- Link’s sword animation was then translated into a fishing cast just to see how well it would work
- Morita was actually working on this fishing aspect while he was supposed to be completing the boss work, so he hid the work when Aonuma came by
- the team eventually decided to make the fishing aspect its own part of the game, even though it had nothing to do with Link’s adventure
- Miyamoto suggested that players should be able to cut signs
- When Miyamoto saw the sign cutting aspect put into the game, he whispered to Haruhana, “That’s cool…now that’s the Legend of Zelda!”
- the development of Kakariko Village didn’t have a specific blueprint, but instead came together from the team just throwing out various ideas
- apparently, this is how most Zelda games come together
- the team was happy to hear about the various game delays, because it gave them more time to polish the project


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