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Kojima believes the term 'video game' will disappear to make way for 'all encompassing' brand

“In this day and age, the video game business is a major entertainment industry that surpasses movies in terms of revenue. But when I started out, it was a completely different story. Back then, the game industry was a place for people with broken dreams to gather because they couldn’t land the jobs that they really wanted. Today, the industry has matured into a wonderful place where some of the most talented people in their field can take advantage of cutting-edge technology and world-class budgets to thrill and awe the entire world. In the near future I believe we’ll see the term ‘video game’ itself vanish as our industry evolves and eventually absorbs the movie and music industry to create a larger, all-encompassing form of digital entertainment.” - Hideo Kojima

I’ve often thought of other names for video games…at least, I’ve tried to think of other names. I just can’t come up with a term that makes sense. Can you guys come up with anything?


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