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Senran Kagura - tons of details on promo campaigns and other goodies

The following pertain to Senran Kagura and upcoming game promotions…

- Senran Kagura G-Feed

Chiaki Kyan
Maria Tainaka
Mitsue Saito
Natsumi Kan

The Senran Kagura girls appeared ad a press event and danced for 10 minutes. They also had some things to say…

- Natsumi said “I’m a big fan of anime and games. As I was selected to be in Senran Kagura G-Feed, I’m glad I’m a d-cup.”
- Chiaki said the in-game girls’ breasts bounce quite realistically
- Maria says she loves cute girls


Check out more pics here

- over 180 costumes for the characters
- includes pajamas, police uniforms, and idol clothing
- change costume colors
- all costumes fall apart while taking damage, finally revealing bathing suits
- performing a finishing move with your “ninpo” ninja arts moves let’s you see something ‘intense’
- girls will change based off of play style
- status, skill and even voice changes will happen as part of the “Inyou Henka” system
- story comes from Yukinori Kitajima (428, Chaos Rings, Reasure Report, Nazowakukan)
- other promo events include

Senran Kagura G-Feed Sexy Action Contest
Fans get to vote on what types of sexy actions they want to see the G-Feed girls perform. Voting is being accepted through July 8.

Collaboration with DMM.com
DMM.com has set up a special page for the game and will host the videos from the Sexy Action Contest. It also appears that there’s a special DMM.com costume in the game. This wasn’t officially announced, but the DMM page does show a teaser image.

MMV and its partners are readying three comics for the game. Comics will appear in Monthly Comic Arize starting in the 8/27 issue, Monthly Comic Rex starting in the 9/27 issue, and as a web coming on Famitsu Comic starting in August.

Music CDs and Ring Tones
The game’s opening and ending theme songs will be released on CD on 8/31. The opening will also be released as a ring tone.

Energy Drink
An energy drink called Nikaisen will see a special Senran Kagura packaging. This will be released on September 16 at ¥1,575. Only 3,000 units will be produced.

Akihabara Shop Signs
Standees for the game’s five heroines will appear in Akihabara game shops.

Check out more promo details here

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