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IGN Wii-k in Review podcast highlights

Thanks to everyone that sent in tips! Here are the highlights from the show. Make sure to listen for yourself to get all the juicy details.

- Info from the Ubisoft even is still embargoed
- Harry Potter and MySims are looking good
- Ghost Squad is looking to be fun, NiGHTS is still looking rough
- House of the Dead is/was being developed for Wii, but may have been cancelled
- Spider-Man 3 sold 36,000 units for Wii
- Pirates game is okay, lag issues, but graphics are pretty nice
- Manhunt 2 is looking really good. They’ve played 4 hours of it, and the entire IGN offices were watching
- The Bigs coverage coming next week
- MP3:C/SMG/SSBB coming this year, but if one gets bumped it will be SMG
- Nintendo media summit confirmed again, online media get their time on the 22nd, print media on the 23rd
- Expanded audience DS/Wii game being announced Monday


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