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Some bits of info from the latest issue…

-More details on Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 games. The theater/cell phone game has you picking up/putting down your phone as the usher comes into the theater. The objective is to get the other rabbids caught. Another game has you carrying a sandwich to the Rabbid Godfather. If you drop the sandwich you lose.

- Geometry Wars: Galaxies will be a Wii/DS exclusive

- Blog updates at Smash Bros Brawl site when it revamps (we talked about this one already)

- Exclusive Soul Calibur Legends info next month

- First look at Umbrella Chronicles, and talk of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. The portions of the Resident Evil 4 that have been added from the PS2 version are being revamped graphically to match the Cube engine.

- Madden 08 screenshot shows online lobby and leaderboard, as well as Miis. Most likely for avatar use.


Mario Party 8 - 7.5
Mortal Kombat - 8.0
Pirates of the Caribbean: AWE - 4.5
Spider-man 3 - 6.0


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