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Our good friend N’Gai Croal sent us a great bit of information (as did some of our readers, thanks guys!). None other than Reggie Fils-Aime disclosed the first information on WiiWare, the original downloadable content we’ve all been talking about. While we won’t be seeing this new channel take off until next year, we finally have some concrete details.

While the channel name is yet to be announced, WiiWare is what the games are being called. Nintendo has stated that they are looking for content from all sources, from big name developers to the indie crowd. The only thing Nintendo would do with these titles is check to make sure they work right. It’s up to the developers to secure a rating and so on. Pricing will be determined on a game by game basis.

Like I said, we have to wait until next year. The good news is that Nintendo is actually creating some WiiWare as well. There will be an official press release sometime later today to bring us all the details.


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