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Chris Morris calls GameCube a girl

CNN’s Chris Morris put together an article where he grades the current gen consoles A through F. Below you can check out his excerpt on the GameCube and GBA.

Miss GameCube? Can we speak in private?

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed in you. Your brothers and sisters have been star pupils for years, but you never seemed to apply yourself. You were late with software homework assignments and many projects lacked heart. You were absent when we discussed important topics like online gaming. And frankly, your fashion sense was questionable. (A purple box with a handle? Hardly stylish.) This laissez faire attitude let everyone in class bypass you, yet you never seemed to really care.

Your cousin - Game Boy Advance - did outstanding work, rightfully earning his “A.” You risked expulsion at times. Yes, your sales, at 21 million, were close to Xbox - but with your pedigree, I was expecting much better numbers. Be happy with your grade of “D.” I certainly hope your younger brother Wii doesn’t follow in your footsteps.


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