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- NA release date: March 18th, 2008

- 16:9 Widescreen support

- Progressive Scan support

- Subtle motion control integration for power attacks

- Intuitive controls using Wii Remote and nunchuk

- Classic Controller support for traditional play


Coat - Protective gear to resist attacks. There are some coats that will have other effects besides just raising defense.


Angelic Rifle - A uniquely shaped rifle that can annihilate any meta-being with one shot. However, its specialized ammunition is very limited.


Parasite - It can grant a variety of effects by fusing it with the protagonist or equipment. You can also fuse a parasite with another parasite.


Sword - A melee weapon to attack the enemy. There are swords that will possess enhanced attributes and added effects.


Torturer - Item that causes a variety of area effects depending on the type of Torturer. They can be combined with others to enhance their effects.

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