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Butterfly Garden interview

A portion of a Virtual Console Reviews interview with Steve Guiliano, the Studio Director of Autonomous Productions…

VCR: Butterfly Garden originally started life as an XBLA title, how did you come to start work on the WiiWare version?

SG: We always knew that Butterfly Garden was ideally suited to the type of players who own the Wii. It’s a disruptive, original game, more like Animal Crossing and Nintendogs than anything on XBox, except maybe Viva Pinata. We became approved Nintendo devs around the same time as we started working with Microsoft, and over time, it’s become more clear to us that the Wii is a better machine because of the players, the unique online capabilities and the reduced cost of development.
Pretty flowers

VCR: How will the difference in graphical power be handled between the XBLA and WiiWare versions? Will they look identical?

Full interview here

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