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*RUMOR* Dragon Quest IX a Wii exclusive? *UPDATE*


Reader JasonMCG sent me an email with a juicy little rumor. The buzz going around is that in the newest issue of EGM to hit magazine stands, a staff writer by the name of Quarterman states that Dragon Quest IX will be a Wii exclusive. That is it, that is all the info I have received right now. Looks like we will all have to do some hunting for this issue! Does anyone have a subscription to EGM, and if you do, can you confirm this? Keep in mind, this information could be posted in the Rumors section of EGM as well, we just aren’t sure right now.

*UPDATE* The rumors are true! Well what I should say is that the above info is indeed in EGM, but it is posted in the rumors section. Below are all the Nintendo rumors from the issue. Huge thanks to NSider for the heads up.

-Nintendo will release an earthbound compilation for the DS, complete with touch screen functionality
- Square Enix is working on a MMO Mana game for the Wii
- If Dragon Quest DS (Joker) and Dragon Quest Wii sell well, DQ9 will go on the Wii

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