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Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff - more details (not a completely original, new game)

Some old and new details on the DS version…

- 2d game
- no NFL teams or retired players
- 32 teams, named after cities that are in the spirit of the original Tecmo Bowl
- change team names if you like

“‘Kickoff’ is based on the most popular (and everyone’s favorite) ‘Tecmo Super Bowl’ and is not a completely original, new game. However, there are a host of new features in this upcoming version that were not included or were not possible in the earlier versions of ‘Tecmo Bowl,’ such as customization, stylus control, super-abilities, Wi-Fi and wireless multiplayer. For those who remember and have been itching to play ‘Tecmo Super Bowl,’ there is no need to bring out the old home consoles – this game is the one you want to play with friends and with your kids.” - Tecmo rep


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