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CNET’s Don Reisinger is back once again, this time explaining what Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft need to learn. Basically, to put it in simplest terms, the three companies don’t understand one another. I can agree with that argument. Obviously, Nintendo is doing the best with this situation…seeing that it’s not really having any impact on their sales. Mr. Reisinger suggests that Nintendo doesn’t understand the importance of third party support.

I think I would agree with that, if we were back in the N64/Cube days. Nintendo first party titles sell, no question there. Third party titles sell too, and they can be the lifeblood of a system. No matter how many Mario, Zelda, and Metroid titles come out, you’ll still need other AAA content to fill the gaps inbetween. Nintendo was extremely stubborn during the last two console generations. With the retirement of Hiroshi Yamauchi and the Satoru Iwata replacement, Nintendo has taken on a much different philosophy. Iwata understands third party importance, and has made Nintendo much more approachable in that regard.

Too bad so many third parties make poor games.


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