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I have to hand it to one of our readers. Timofonic is a Spanish GoNintendo reader who took the time out to email me this info. His English isn’t perfect, but that didn’t stop him from translating a huge amount of news to send my way. I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work.

A Spanish development team is working on a title they would like to bring to the Wii (with the work-in-progress name of SB). Unfortunately, at this time they do not have a Wii dev kit, but are hoping to change that with the release of this information. The title they are working on is in the same vein as F-Zero or Xtreme G…A futuristic racer. They are claiming that the gameplay will feature ideas that haven’t been seen before in this genre, as well as taking full advantage of the Wiimote for steering.

The team conducted an interview in which they stated their opinions on the Wii, as well as Nintendo in general. When asked about specific Wii features (besides the Wiimote) their team stated that they would love to take advantage of the WiiConnect24 feature to add a strong online component to the game. They also say that they have an interest on working on the DS. Finally, we can expect a target render of SB sometime soon.


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