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Famitsu - a history of 'Tales' review scores

Interested to see how Famitsu’s 31-40 for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World ranks up with other review scores for previous Tales titles? Well, here’s a list of previous entries in the series, along with their Famitsu scores.

Phantasia(SFC)  8769 30
Destiny (PS)  8788 31
Eternia (PS)    9888 33
Destiny 2(PS2) 9888 33
Symphonia (GC)  9889 34
Rebirth (PS2)    8888 32
Legendia (PS2) 8888 32
Abyss (PS2)     9999 36
Tempest (DS)    7777 28
Innocence (DS)  9989 35


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