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Years later, more steps are being made with Stop 'ƒ€˜N'ƒ€™ Swop - The Banjo-Kazooie/Donkey Kong 64 connection

Yes, I am still mad about the Stop ‘N’ Swop fiasco. All those hidden items that we never got to use…all that secret stuff that we never got to access. All the lies that were kept from us by RARE and Nintendo! Well, the saga continues on to this very day. Now, through some coding/hacking/’GameSharking’, we can finally see that the Ice Key from Banjo-Kazooie was meant for use in Donkey Kong 64. This is one of the few instances where I will feature video footage of a ROM on the site.

Direct link here

Huge thanks to SexyDaniboy for the heads up!


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