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Nintendo releases statement concerning Virtual Console release dates

I know you guys are upset with Nintendo today. We had not one, not two, but three promised VC titles that we were expecting earlier this morning. Unfortunately, those games didn’t come out. We were surprised, and so were the publishers. So, what exactly is the deal? I got in touch with my rep to see if a statement could be pulled together, and this is what I just received.

A number of variables can affect a game’s release date. Therefore, the Wii-kly Update is the only authority for confirmed release dates of Virtual Console games. - Nintendo of America

So…is that basically stating that even when publishers think they have a confirmed date, anything can happen once the Wii-kly Update press release hits? I don’t like that we get the shaft on dates, but I can understand it. When it comes to devs/pubs…that’s just a tad different.

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