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Mysterious Wii demo kiosk pic from official Nintendo forums

This has NOT been confirmed as real. As of right now this is nothing more then a mockup from a fan/magazine. Just trying to give everyone an extra heads up before you dive into the story. Something I will be doing with stories that I feel need a little extra clarification!


You have to love the Nintendo forums…the birthplace of some of the best rumors known in the world of Nintendo. This demo kiosk pic popped up on their forums recently, and if anything, it is nice to look at. I believe it is nothing more then one fan’s idea. The thread contains no information on the picture other then “These are real, I didn’t make them“. We have seen Revolution fanart (back when it was the Revolution!), Revolution controller fanart, and a brief period of Wii startup screens/menus. Is the next big thing Wii kiosk fanart?! Huge thanks to David from New Generation for the scoop.

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