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We are all going insane waiting for the upcoming Nintendo event on Sept 14th. You guys have no idea what will be said, I have no idea what will be said…but of course Nintendo and their PR people know all the goods. You think they will let loose with any info…of course not! Check out Kotaku’s attempt at getting some info out of their rep.

Kotaku: “So Wii announcements or BIG announcements? lol, See what I did there?”
Nintendo: “Wii. Yeah I see”

Similar attempts by myself have also failed. I have tried asking our rep politely, as well as challenging her to a StarFox Command dogfight. If I won, she would give up the info. She hit me back with a, “sure sounds good…NOT!”. She says that she would get in trouble…blah blah blah, the same old story. I think she was just afraid to dogfight me…she knows I would win!

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