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*RUMOR* New Wii game/peripheral to be revealed at IGN tomorrow?


Man, you think after riding the Nintendo hype train all day today, we would be ready to return to our homes! Well I am here to offer you your next stop on this train, its final destination being IGN, due to arrive sometime tomorrow.

Posted over at NeoGAF, word is spreading on the IGN Boards that none other then Matt Casamassina was visiting the IGN Chat rooms. Apparently he told people to keep a watch on IGN Wii tomorrow. They will be showing off a new Wii game, and a new attachment as well. He also made the point of saying that the game is nothing that will floor you, and it is something that’s “expected”.

I wasn’t in the chat, I don’t have any screen proof of the chat, and I don’t know if anyone does. This will stay rumor until IGN posts this info, or we have some screens of the chat as proof.

You have been given a choice. Jump aboard the hype train once again, or hang back this time. Unfortunately I have no choice but to ride this train, gotta see where we arrive at the end! Feel free to post your title speculation below. Winner gets…a…ummm…sense of satisfaction?!

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