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*CORRECTION* News was from [N] Gamer magazine, not NGamer. [N] Gamer is a Dutch magazine. Huge thanks to Cyhwuhx for clearing that up.

raymans 01

Some details concerning Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii have come up, and fans of the Rayman series may be very happy to hear this. It seems that the direction RRR is taking for the DS version is much in the vein of the traditional platform Raymans of the past. RRR’s gameplay is being compared to that of Rayman 2, so we should be seeing some 3d platforming goodness. The storyline will of course feature the Rabbids we have seen so much about, and the title is in development at Ubisoft Casablanca. Expect the title sometime early 2007. Huge thanks to Bernie for the heads up!


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