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Just going over the press release from earlier today, and we can see a bit about today’s upcoming Art Style: ORBIENT game. We can also see that there will be two more titles in this series to hit WiiWare.

Auspicious debuts and the return of a classic franchise top the list of new additions to the Wii Shop Channel™ this week. Art Style™: ORBIENT™ is the first in a new game series from Nintendo, combining deep game play with atmospheric flair and simple, elegant controls that anyone can pick up and enjoy. With two more Art Style titles scheduled for release in October, this is your chance to be the first to enjoy this truly remarkable gaming experience.

It seems like the Art Style series is really a re-release of the ‘bit generation’ games that saw Japanese release, but never hit the states. Sounds like a good idea to me! Thanks to Tony for the heads up.

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