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Silent Hill banning in Australia stirs up ratings debate

We may not be getting Silent Hill 5 on the Wii, but the recent banning of the title in Australia is bringing up the much-heated debate of game ratings in Australia. Here’s a bit from

“With the average age of gamers being 28, it makes no sense to censor games to a point where they are only appropriate for a 15 year old. Such censorship would not be acceptable on television, at the cinema or in print, so why apply it unfairly to another entertainment medium?” - Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia chief Ron Curry

Seriously, I don’t see how any rational person could go against those statements. This issue is a very seriuos one, and our friends in Australia need help. It’s about the old hold-outs realize that games are a legitimate form of both art and entertainment, and should be treated so.


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