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Nintendo media summit - Strong Bad Ep. 3 - eyes-on impressions

By now, I think we all know how the Strong Bad games work. I didn’t think I needed to sit down with the Wiimote to play through the upcoming Episode 3, but I did stick around the demo for quite a bit. I guess all I accomplished doing by doing that was spoiling a large part of the game for me! Being at the summit was great, but spoiling a game wasn’t one of its perks!

Episode 3 looks to offer more of the same, and that’s a good thing. More puzzle-solving, branching conversations, and trademark Strong Bad humor. You’ll also be seeing some more characters this time around, and checking out some new locations. There should be more than enough to keep you busy and having fun.

The Strong Bad series seems to be doing pretty well on WiiWare, which shows that Wii owners are into episodic content…as long as the game is compelling. Did Episode 2 offer enough to make you come back for more?

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