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Rock Band 2 - DLC songs really do stream from SD card, Guitar Hero World Tour instruments may not be compatible

A part of an MTV (fan written) interview with Harmonix…

MTV: ”About the Wii Points, does that mean I have to have Wii Points already redeemed on my console before purchasing new tracks? As for the SD card streaming, does the game read those tracks 100% from the card? If so, could this mean Nintendo is open to letting full-blown games run 100% from the card?”

Harmonix: You have to purchase Wii points before booting up “Rock Band 2,” yes. But once the songs are purchased, “Rock Band 2″’s in-game store can take advantage of those points. You don’t need to purchase new songs from Nintendo’s storefront channel.

“Rock Band 2″ does read 100% from the SD card, but it doesn’t appear Nintendo will be allowing for games to be executed off the card just yet.

The full interview is here, which contains bit about possible compatibility issues with Guitar Hero World Tour’s instruments, when related to Rock Band 2.

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