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GN Radio #36

Reggie not too keen on Disaster: Day of Crisis

A snippet from an older IGN Voice Chat Podcast…

We hung out with Reggie, and basically, he doesn’t think Disaster is a $50 game. Especially in terms of audio, which he said is laughable. He said he’s going to watch it and see how it performs in Europe. If it does well, you’ll probably get it in America, and if it’s a bomb, you probably won’t.

Damnit, Reggie…I want Disaster: Day of Crisis! Yes, the voice acting may be a bit silly…so re-record it for North American launch?! Pull some strings, you’re high up on the food chain. Nintendo let you, and you ONLY, protect their one DSi! Get it back, hold it for ransom, negotiate some money for Disaster localization, get some new voiceovers, and get the game out in the states!


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