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Yes, Guitar Hero and Rock Band continue to inspire youth interest in real instruments

I think we’ve found everyones’ favorite new survey! So far, we’ve reported on two different polls that showed proof positive that kids gain an appreciation for real instruments after playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Youth Music joins in with their findings, which state that 19% of children polled were inspired to move onto real instruments after trying out musical games such as Guitar Hero.

“…it is this take-up of the games that is credited with the take up of musical instruments, the development of transferable musical skills and even the development of performance confidence. This research for the first time shows conclusively that young people are being inspired to make their own music by games that first piqued their interest.” - Andrew Missingham, music industry expert

Activision needs to get working on an Accordion Hero. Weird Al can’t raise awareness all on his own!


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